Labout Party Conference 2015

In his maiden speech to conference as Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham said:

Historic abuses must also be put under the spotlight – picking out the brutal attacks on striking miners at Orgreave in 1984, the Hillsborough disaster and the arrest of 24 pickets at Shrewsbury after the national construction strike in 1972…


To understand how an anti-trade union culture developed in parts of the police, we need the full story about the false convictions and imprisonment of building workers in Shrewsbury.

Eileen Turnbull, campaign researcher and secretary, spoke with Andy Burnham after the speech. He has invited her and campaign members to attend a meeting with him to discuss the documents that are currently being withheld by government.

On behalf of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign and the convicted pickets Eileen urges the Labour Party to act swiftly. Five of the pickets have died, the eldest is currently 89 and the youngest is 67. Time is of the essence.

Thanks to Jim Kennedy of Unite The Union

We wish to thank Jim Kennedy, the outgoing NEC Chairperson, for all the help and support he has given to the campaign. He has worked diligently over the years to give the pickets and the campaign a voice within the Labour Party. In particular we are indebted to him for the part he played in including the motion to release all documents relating to the Shrewsbury trials in the 2015 Labour Manifesto.