Westminster Hall Debate: Home Office and the case of the Shrewsbury 24

This Westminster Hall debate is set for 2-30pm Wednesday 9th December.

Westminster Hall debates give MPs an opportunity to raise local or national issues and receive a response from a government minister. Any MP can take part in a Westminster Hall debate.

The government having announced that they have carried out a review and have decided not to release any of the documents relating to the Shrewsbury trials. The next review is 2021.

Steve Rotherham MP, PPS to Jeremy Corbyn MP Leader of the Labour Party, has sponsored a debate in Westminster Hall concerning the lack of transparency regarding the Conservative government. He will emphasise the age of the pickets and the need for no further delay in releasing the papers, and allow the pickets to receive the justice they deserve.

Andy Burnham, Shadow Home Secretary is to speak in support and press the government to release of all the papers relating to the Shrewsbury trails in 1973/4.

Shrewsbury Campaign members including Eileen Turnbull (researcher), Ricky Tomlinson, Harry Chadwick and Phil Simpson to attend.

You will be able to view this debate on parliamentlive.tv.

EDIT: find out what happened here.

Ricky Tomlinson with Steve Rotheram

Ricky Tomlinson with Steve Rotheram.