Events from Spring 2017

Hillsborough Law debated in Parliament

On 29 March Harry Chadwick and Terry Renshaw attended Parliament for the presentation of a 10-minute Rule Bill by Andy Burnham MP. The Bill is known as Hillsborough Law and would impose a legal duty on public officials to act in the public interest and tell the truth when investigations are conducted. It was reported here. During his speech Andy made the following points about the need for transparency and justice:

“Alongside the shoddy treatment of the Birmingham families, we had the refusal of an inquiry into Orgreave on the basis that nobody died. If that is now the Home Secretary’s benchmark for whether wrongdoing can be investigated, God help us all. Nobody died at Orgreave, it is true, but innocent people were wrongly and maliciously prosecuted, and the country should know how that came to be. Nobody died during the building workers’ dispute of the early ’70s, either, but it does not mean we should not be told the truth about the politically motivated Shrewsbury show trial, which I believe was a serious miscarriage of justice.”

Andy Burnham with justice campaigners after introducing Hillsborough Law 10-Minute Bill to Parliament.

Andy Burnham with justice campaigners after introducing Hillsborough Law 10-Minute Bill to Parliament.

Westminster Justice Summit

Three members of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign Committee, Secretary and Researcher Eileen Turnbull, Chairperson Harry Chadwick and convicted picket Terry Renshaw attended a Westminster Justice Summit in the House of Commons on 1st February. It was organised by Andy Burnham MP as a platform for a variety of campaigns fighting for justice including Hillsborough, Orgreave and Justice for Zane. Eileen presented the case for the Shrewsbury 24 pickets and explained why the campaign argues that the convictions of the Shrewsbury pickets were a political miscarriage of justice. Eileen said that she had been researching the case for almost ten years to provide the evidence that is with the Criminal Cases Review Commission. The campaign is confident that the CCRC will refer the pickets’ case to the Court of Appeal.

Campaigners at West Midlands TUC

Chairperson Harry Chadwick and convicted picket Terry Renshaw attended the Midlands TUC AGM on Saturday 25th February. They were given a tremendous welcome by Regional Secretary, Lee Barron and the many delegates in attendance.

Harry and Terry speak at Dudley TUC

Harry Chadwick and Terry Renshaw were guest speakers at  Dudley TUC  on Tuesday 7th March. It was a lively meeting with lots of questions about the history of the trials and the campaign’s work. The Trades Council agreed to re-affiliate to the campaign. There is more information about the meeting here.

Harry and Terry speak at the Annual General Meeting of Shropshire UNISON

They were also guest speakers at the Annual General Meeting of Shropshire UNISON on Thursday 9th March 2017. Terry informed the meeting that it was 43 years ago that he stood in the dock in Shrewsbury Crown Court, which was just yards from where he was addressing the meeting today. He concluded that, “we will keep on fighting until we achieve justice for all the Shrewsbury 24 pickets”.

Supporting Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign

Campaign Committee member Ann Dobie and supporters including Billy Parry (Unite-UCATT member) travelled to London for the Orgreave Justice Campaign’s national protest outside the Home Office on  Monday 13th March. The protest was well attended by many trade union members demanding a public inquiry into the violent policing of the picketing at Orgreave on 18 June 1984 during the miners’ strike. The lively protest demonstrated the broad base of support that the Orgreave campaign enjoys and we are proud to be associated with it.

Ann Dobie and Billy Parry at Orgreave Justice Campaign’s national protest outside the Home Office