CCRC Provisional Statement of Reasons – July 2017

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has issued a ‘Provisional Statement of Reasons’ in response to the applications of the Shrewsbury pickets. The CCRC has informed us that they do not propose to refer our case back to the Court of Appeal. Although we are very disappointed with their decision we remain absolutely certain that we will overturn this miscarriage of justice. We have discussed the CCRC’s Statement with our legal team and they believe that the CCRC’s decision is flawed and that there are firm legal grounds to challenge it. We therefore go on with our fight for justice for the pickets. We take inspiration from the brave Hillsborough campaigners who fought tirelessly for many years in the most awful circumstances to achieve truth and justice for their loved ones.

We would like to thank Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and all the Labour MP’s who support us, the 21 national trade unions, hundreds of trade union branches, trades’ councils and Labour Party branches. The fight goes on for justice for the Shrewsbury 24.

Ricky Tomlinson, convicted picket
Eileen Turnbull, Researcher and Secretary
July 2017