Campaign launches Judicial Review on behalf of the Shrewsbury pickets

The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign made an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) on behalf of the pickets on 3 April 2012. After sending several additional lengthy submissions to the CCRC over the past 5 years we have now received their Final Statement of Reasons.  We were extremely disappointed to be informed by the CCRC that they had decided not to refer the pickets’ cases to the Court of Appeal.

Our legal team, led by Danny Friedman QC, have considered the CCRC’s reasons and advised us that we have grounds to challenge the CCRC’s decision through a judicial review in the Administrative Court. The pickets and the Campaign have discussed this advice and have decided to proceed with an application for judicial review.

We are challenging the CCRC’s decision on three grounds:

  1. Irrationality;
  2. Failure to consider relevant facts/irrelevant factual considerations; and
  3. Error of Law.

The pickets are not eligible for legal aid. We would urge all our affiliated national unions, trade union branches, trades councils, CLPs and individuals to consider contributing to the legal costs. Should we succeed we would expect the court to order the CCRC to pay all the legal costs, which in turn would be reimbursed to those that have donated.  Speakers from the Campaign are available to address meetings about the case.

We have campaigned for almost eleven years to achieve justice for the pickets. During that time we have unearthed large amounts of previously hidden material about the trials and the blatant interference by the state. All of this fresh evidence has been submitted to the CCRC since 2012 yet they still refuse to refer the cases to the Court of Appeal.

Further updates on the progress of the judicial review will be posted here.

The fight goes on for justice for the pickets.

Eileen Turnbull Secretary and Researcher

Harry Chadwick Campaign Chairperson