Messages of support

I am proud to send solidarity and support from the TUC and the whole of the trade union movement ahead of your historic Court of Appeal hearing. You have fought a long and dignified struggle to overturn the unjust prosecution of the Shrewsbury 24 – building workers who were fighting for basic rights at work. With insecurity, unsafe working conditions and blacklisting still a reality for millions of workers, your campaign remains hugely relevant today. After 47 years, it’s time for justice. Good luck next week – and solidarity to all.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary

Good luck this week. I have all my fingers crossed. You all deserve this victory. Let me know if you need anything from me.

You will always have my 100% support.


John McDonnell MP

I’m delighted to hear that the appeal will be heard this week, its’ been a long struggle and a long time coming. The local members and trade unionists will be delighted and very hopeful of a positive outcome. Please keep me informed over the next few days.

Eileen you’ve been totally amazing throughout the years, never giving an inch with a great sense of tenacity, I wish you well for all your efforts. Without you this campaign would have died long ago.


Ian Lavery MP for Wansbeck

In 1972 building workers were prosecuted for picketing during a national building workers’ strike.

Almost 50 years later (on February 3rd and 4th) the Court of Appeal will finally hear the case of this miscarriage of justice.

GMB is proud of our involvement in the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign and the fight to win justice for these workers who have been wronged.


Our union stands in full solidarity with the Shrewsbury Pickets in their Court of Appeal bid to clear their names and challenge the injustice of their convictions.

The arrest, conviction and imprisonment of the men, who came to be known as the Shrewsbury 24, during the national builders’ strike in 1972 was not only a grave miscarriage of justice but a direct attack on our trade unions and the legal right to strike and support strike action.

They deserve justice and our TSSA union stands with them in their struggle, now and always.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA

On behalf of District 6 we will you every success.

Aslef District 6 – Elizabeth Cocks

Solidarity to you all and my best wishes.

Gary Arrowsmith, ASLEF Branch Secretary Gateshead & Newcastle.

Just a quick message wishing you solidarity and may justice be a step closer this week.

Sarah Taylor, Branch Secretary Unison Flintshire

The Unison Cymru/Wales region sends a message of solidarity to the campaign, recognising their determination and resilience. Many people would have given up long ago on a seemingly endless fight for justice. We are with you in your struggle and send you our best wishes for success this week.

Unison Cymru Wales Region

NWH UNISON Branch are sending you a message of support in solidarity with you for 3/2/21

We hope and pray you at long last get the outcome you all deserve and are so proud of each and every one of you.

You never gave in and that in itself is testament of how honest and determined you all are to get the Outcome you have fought long and hard for.

We are with you in your struggle and send best wishes for your successful outcome this Wednesday.


Dear Eileen and Harry,

As a result of the perseverance and courage of the members of your campaign, next Wednesday and Thursday will be an historic moment in working class history. The Trades Council has followed and supported your Campaign across the years with admiration. The law has never been a friend of trade unions and whatever the result of next week’s events the disgraceful treatment meted out by a conspiracy of bosses, government and lawyers to building workers in 1973 will never be forgotten, its memory and importance sustained by your campaign.

Some of our delegates, and many members of Wigan’s trades unions well remember the building workers’ strike of 1972 and the struggle for decent wages and conditions, not to mention their fight to improve safety on building sites. We remember too, the powerful combination of building employers, and the complicity of their creatures in Parliament defending profits in opposition to the lives of building workers.

Long ago Frederick Douglass, an iconic figure in the anti-Slavery movement in the US proclaimed that “Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never did and never will.” Your demand for justice for almost 50 years will not be erased.

Like many other trade union bodies we are proud to have supported your campaign and we wish you all the best and deserved success for next week’s Appeal hearing.

Janet Phillips Carol Coltman, President Secretary on behalf of Wigan and District Trades Council.