Shrewsbury 24 Appeal Court Hearing 3rd and 4th February 2021

We have just spent two historic days in the Royal Courts of Justice, where three appeal court judges heard the appeals of the pickets. Terry Renshaw and John McKinsie Jones joined Campaign Researcher and Secretary, Eileen Turnbull, Campaign Chairperson Harry Chadwick, and Mark Turnbull campaign member in Court 4 to watch proceedings.

Terry and John said on the steps of the court, “We have waited over 47 years for this day and nothing would have stopped us getting to London for the hearing”.

The campaign represents 12 of the pickets and had instructed Bindmans solicitors, the leading Human Rights lawyers. Our legal team was headed by Danny Friedman QC of Matrix Chambers and junior counsel Ben Newton. Jamie Potter and Kate Goold, senior partners at Bindmans, were also in attendance.

Danny was on his feet for the whole of the first day, addressing the three appeal court judges. All of the evidence which was used in court was obtained by the Campaign’s researcher, Eileen Turnbull, over a period of 12 years. Danny said that the pickets were denied a fair trial on two grounds.

Firstly, the police told their prosecution team that they had destroyed a number of original witness statements. This was not made known to the defence or the judge. It denied the pickets’ lawyers from questioning witnesses about their earlier recollection of people and events on the building sites visited by the pickets.

Secondly, a highly prejudicial documentary was broadcast on ITV half-way through the trial, Red under the Bed. The judge failed to ask jury members if they had seen it and, if they had, should have taken further action, which might have included discharging the jury.

Danny Friedman gave an excellent account of our case in court.

The two pickets that withdrew from the legal case and the campaign in 2017 were allowed to reapply by the CCRC on the back of our success at the judicial review. They were represented in the Court of Appeal by PILC. However, they adopted our legal case in its entirety and had no new evidence of their own to add. All the evidence that they relied upon came from our campaign.

The court has reserved its decision and when we receive the judgment, we shall let all our supporters know on this website.

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