Des Warren – he never stopped campaigning for justice

I want to thank the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign for clearing Des’s name. If he were alive today, he would be so pleased that, at last, the truth about the pickets’ convictions can be revealed as the sham that they were.

When Des was released from jail on 5th August 1976, he campaigned tirelessly to clear the names of all the pickets. He met with the left-wing group of Labour MPs, Tribune, who included Dennis Skinner, Martin Flannery and Tom Litterick, who had supported him throughout his three-year sentence. He was desperate to get the truth out to the Labour movement as to what happened to the Shrewsbury pickets.

Des wrote two pamphlets and then, in 1982, his book, The Key to My Cell, describing his experiences during the strike, the trial and his time in prison. Des was a principled trade unionist all his life and believed passionately in improving working conditions in the building industry. Although he was not here for the wonderful decision at the Court of Appeal on 23 March 2021, I am sure that he was with us in spirit.

My very best wishes

Elsa Warren

Des and Elsa Warren, June 4 1974