TUC send congratulations

Wonderful letter from TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, congratulating the pickets and the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign on our success.

23 March 2021

Dear Eileen, Harry, Terry and members of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign

Congratulations from the TUC and trade union movement.

I am writing to send our congratulations following your wonderful victory in the Court of Appeal. First and foremost, this is a victory for truth – but it is also a victory against the state interfering in legitimate trade union activity, and as such will be welcomed by every trade unionist in the country.

Your 47-year struggle to overturn this miscarriage of justice has been immensely dignified. The Shrewsbury pickets have shown huge courage to keep fighting for so long. I first spoke at one of your campaign events in January 2013, soon after becoming general secretary, and I was deeply moved by your determination to secure justice for working-class people.

Sadly, some of the pickets did not live long enough to see justice served, Des Warren among them. Our movement will always remember them.

Your successful fight gives huge encouragement to other truth and justice campaigns, including Orgreave. On behalf of the whole trade union movement, I want to thank everyone involved in the campaign for your tireless work to secure justice.

Solidarity to all on this historic day.

Yours sincerely

Frances O’Grady
General Secretary