Celebration in Shrewsbury

Shropshire and Telford Trades Council put on a marvellous celebratory event for the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign and pickets on Saturday 2 October. The Trades Council officers Gemma Offland, Ash Silverstone and Brett Davies, together with former secretary Mike Edwards, led local trade unionists with their banners in greeting us at Shrewsbury train station. We marched the short distance to the venue, St Nicholas Community Centre, displaying our specially made banner declaring, “Shrewsbury 24 Campaign – WE WON”.

Brett introduced the afternoon’s festivities by describing the support that the Trades Council has given to the Campaign and the pickets over the years. Brett, Mike and others had been with us in Birmingham when we submitted the pickets’ application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission’s office on the 3 April 2012 in Birmingham. They have stayed with us through thick and thin ever since.

Brett congratulated us all on our tenacity, resilience and staunch trade union principles. He described the joy that all the delegates felt when they heard that we had won the case at the Court of Appeal. He applauded that, “The pickets and the campaign never gave up and have succeeded, not just for the pickets but the whole trade union and labour movement.”

Jeremy Corbyn praised the pickets and the Campaign and congratulated Eileen Turnbull on her tremendous work as the Campaign’s researcher. He highlighted her determination and stamina in travelling the country to obtain evidence that was used by Bindmans solicitors and Danny Friedman QC to secure a tremendous victory for the pickets in the Court of Appeal.

During the afternoon there were also speeches from Terry Renshaw, POA General Secretary Steve Gillan and Rob Williams of the NSSN. Singer-songwriter Ian Prowse made a guest appearance to sing My Name is Dessie Warren.

The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign and pickets wish to thank Shropshire and Telford Trades Council for arranging such a brilliant and memorable day. Your support will never be forgotten.