NAPO applauds pickets’ success

Terry Renshaw wishes to thank Ian Lawrence, General Secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers, for the welcome that he and Campaign Chairperson, Harry Chadwick, received on Thursday 14 October, when Terry was invited to speak at their national conference in Newcastle.

Terry had attended two previous NAPO conferences, in Cardiff and in Southport.

Terry told NAPO delegates about the difficult times the Campaign had been through over the years in trying to quash the pickets’ convictions. He described how, despite setbacks, he and seven other pickets were determined not to give up. Against all odds they succeeded in overturning a miscarriage of justice.

Terry described the misleading media reports of the Court of Appeal hearing on 2 February 2021 as a disgrace. But the magnificent response from trade unionists up and down the country has been heartwarming. Terry thanked the delegates for standing with the pickets and the campaign over all the years of struggle. We won.

Terry Renshaw and Harry Chadwick

Terry Renshaw and Harry Chadwick.