We stand with Orgreave

We appeal to all our supporters to back the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign in their quest for a public inquiry into the police attack on striking coalminers in 1984.

Halloween 2021 is the fifth anniversary of the refusal of Tory Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to set up such an inquiry. It has recently been revealed that she refused to do so because an inquiry would tarnish the reputation of Margaret Thatcher.

In Whitehall the Government is sitting on a mountain of documents that would reveal how it coordinated the plan to destroy the mineworkers union, the NUM, and the coalmining communities. These documents would include the preparations for the confrontation at Orgreave and other places during the strike.

We call upon all the trade unions and the Labour Party to use their combined strength to demand a public inquiry now.

You can sign the OTJC petition here.

Never Give Up


Eileen Turnbull – Researcher & Secretary

Harry Chadwick – Chairperson