TUC welcome the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign

At a recent meeting at the TUC, convicted Shrewsbury picket Terry Renshaw , together with myself, Campaign Chairperson Harry Chadwick and Mark Turnbull were given a warm welcome by Frances O’Grady TUC General Secretary and Paul Nowak TUC Deputy General Secretary. We presented them both with Shrewsbury Campaign Commemorate mugs in recognition of their steadfast support for the Campaign over many years.

Frances congratulated us all, “The verdict of the Court of Appeal to quash all the convictions of the Shrewsbury pickets was an historic success for the whole of the Trade Union and Labour Movement. The scale of the victory is unprecedented, the convictions covered three trials”. Paul added, “Even though the pickets and the Campaign faced rejections of their case by the Criminal Cases Review Commission you did not give up the fight for justice.” Terry Renshaw thanked them and said, “You have never let us down, always encouraged us, particularly when the going got tough. We will never forget you. Our success was due to the solidarity of trade unionists who supported our campaign for justice, a group of building workers who were wrongly convicted of alleged picketing offences in 1973/74.”

Eileen Turnbull
Researcher and Secretary