How To Support Us

Our committee is a group of trade unionists who have come together to campaign to overturn the miscarriage of justice that took place at Shrewsbury Crown Court in 1973 and 1974. We do so on a voluntary basis. All the funds that we raise go towards the legal challenge through the CCRC.

We ask trade unions and other labour movement bodies, as well as individuals, to support our campaign. You can support us in the following ways:


For details of how to affiliate to the campaign download a form (Modified December 2018).


If you would like to make a donation to the campaign to support the costs of the legal challenge please click here.

Speaker requests

Our committee can provide speakers to address trade union branch meetings, trades councils, supporters groups etc..

We can show a short DVD demonstrating the dreadful working conditions on building sites in the period leading up to the national strike in 1972. Our speakers outline the events after the strike ended, from when the pickets were first arrested two months later to the time when they were charged with various offences three months after that. We also review the various trials at Mold and Shrewsbury Crown Courts.

This is an important episode in the history of the labour movement that has many lessons for trade unionists today. It demonstrates how the state can isolate and victimise a section of workers to make an example of them.

A full update will be given about the progress of the application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

To book a speaker please contact us.


We have produced various items to raise awareness about the campaign and funds for the legal challenge. Click here to download an order form.

The Key to My Cell – Des Warren’s autobiography. £7 including postage & packaging.

The Key To My Cell By DEs Warren

The Shrewsbury Three – Jim Arnison. £4 including postage & packaging.

This is the second historic work about the Shrewsbury trials that the Campaign has republished, the first being Des Warren’s book. It reprints the original 1974 edition and has a new Introduction by the Campaign’s researcher, Eileen Turnbull.  Jim Arnison was a journalist on the Morning Star and attended every day of the 12-week trial at Shrewsbury Crown Court. His booklet explains the background to the 1972 building workers’ strike, the effective use of flying pickets and gives his eyewitness  account of the conspiracy trial between October and December 1973.

The Shrewsbury Three Cover

Shrewsbury pickets T-shirts– available in M, L, XL and XXL, and a choice of white, red or blue all with a black print. £7 including postage & packaging.

Shrewsbury “Threat to national security” mug – £8 including postage and packaging.

To purchase any of the above Click Here for details.